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Ecommerce With Django

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Running this project To get this project up and running you should start by having Python installed on your computer. It’s advised you create a virtual environment to store your projects dependencies separately. You can install virtualenv with

pip install virtualenv Clone or download this repository and open it in your editor of choice. In a terminal (mac/linux) or windows terminal, run the following command in the base directory of this project

virtualenv env That will create a new folder env in your project directory. Next activate it with this command on mac/linux:

source env/bin/active Then install the project dependencies with

pip install -r requirements.txt Now you can run the project with this command

python runserver Note if you want payments to work you will need to enter your own Stripe API keys into the .env file in the settings files.

more details about installation :

Installation pip install django

virtualenv env

For Mac/ Linux source env/bin/activate

For Window env\scripts\activate

pip install -r requirements.txt

python makemigrations

python migrate

python runserver

For Admin Login python createsuperuser Username : admin Password : 12345678

For any problem , just feel free to contact with me through my mail .

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