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Blog Website with Flask

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This is a python flask blog.

This is a flask based blog whose frontend is created using bootstrap. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to open an issue or pull request 🙂

Under the hood:

What it can:

  • create/preview/update/delete articles;
  • create/update/delete users;
  • search;
  • atom feed.

It contains:


  • mongoDB >= 2.2


git clone

cd flask-blog

virtualenv --no-site-packages ./env

source ./env/bin/activate

pip install -r requirements.txt

After this edit the file

  • Replace the CONNECTION_STRING variable with your own connection string;
  • Replace the DATABASE variable to your own one;
  • If the default collection names don’t work for you please replace the POSTS_COLLECTIONUSERS_COLLECTION and USERS_COLLECTION variables to any names you like;
  • If you use this code on a production sever replace the DEBUG variable with False.

For any problem , just feel free to contact with me through my mail .

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